Leaders bring me in when their:

  • Number is at risk because their sales people don't have enough "@bats" and quality opportunities in the pipeline - and need to drive a significant % increase in new business growth within a short period (30 - 60 days) 

  • Sales people sound just like everyone else - they pitch or demo too quickly and are forced into price discussions too early and get commoditized as a result

  • Sales people are not discovering customer value and propose too soon - they are unable to guide the customer to a business case and uncover the customer's personal win

  • Sales people aren't talking to the person who can say "yes" - and spin their wheels with mid level influencers who can't push your deal through

  • Sales results are good...and they want to hone their competitive edge

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Working with Matt has allowed me to know without a shadow of a doubt I’ll exceed quota every single year.
— Brixton Albert, Listrak

Top performing teams know that a coach and mentor accelerates success...

Retain me to coach and mentor your sales leaders, sales teams and individual sales people to help;

  • Accelerate specific deals and pursuits

  • Execute 'Executive Access' prospecting campaigns for ‘must win’ accounts

  • Increase the personal awareness, behaviors and sales skills of sales contributors and leaders

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I worked with Matt to put together a very targeted and powerful email that was intended to stir the interest of C-level prospects. Incredibly, the email has yielded a 50% response rate and in a couple of situations, I was on the phone the next day with prospects I had struggled to reach in the past! I can’t recommend Matt enough.
— Susan Trumpler, CEO, BeyondROI

Your sales people will book meetings with senior decision makers, from the CEO down, in minutes, hours or days...not weeks, months or never!

Over two decades of research and execution has created a totally unique prospecting approach that compels senior executives - Chairman, CEO's, President's, Managing Directors, EVP's, SVP's at the world's most admired companies - to accept requests for calls or meetings or refer salespeople to decision making executives in their organization for my clients.

There is a faster and more effective way of getting 'executive access' at your target accounts than you do today, so...



I realized Matthew was going to be an exceptional business partner. After carefully listening and understanding our needs, Matthew crafted an approach that is delivering strong results.
— Mark Segot, Former SVP Sales, Fairmont Raffles Swissotel

Helping new business sales people to succeed...

There are 3 things that negatively impact your sales growth. Your salespeople's;

  1. Awareness of their mindset, thoughts, behaviour and language - and how these impact their sales success

  2. Ability to prospect effectively and fill their pipeline with quality opportunities with decision making executives

  3. Communication and business conversation skills to convert those opportunities into wins quickly

There are no other workshops like this on the market. They are unique. The workshops are for progressive, open minded sales leaders and their teams who’re struggling to grow sales at the trajectory & velocity they want and need, or who want to sharpen already strong skills - and know that ‘more of the same’ isn’t the fastest way to success. 

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Matt is an expert at consultative selling practices, and assisted my organization as we continue our journey of improvement in this area. He has strong follow through and high integrity as well. Matt is a good partner for our business.
— Jana Miller Schmidt, former President at Harland Clarke

Executives and Sales Leaders engage me when...

They are at an inflection point in their growth and want an impartial, pragmatic and honest assessment of constraints and options available to them - and an outsider to validate, challenge and bounce their ideas off.

Leveraging my experience in new business sales, sales leadership, executive leadership and go-to-market strategy, clients engage me to:

  • Validate go-to-market strategy, messaging and launch plans

  • Make recommendations on sales force composition and coverage models

  • Address sales culture, mindset and skills issues

  • And more...

Clients work with me in two ways: on a retained basis – they like to have access to advice 'Just in Time,' whilst others engage me on a project basis.