"Matt is the world’s greatest authority on teaching and coaching salespeople to prospect and sell to the C-level.

Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power Magazine

Gets IMMEDIATE results that accelerate your new business sales growth

Tap into my 25+ years of Go-to-Market Strategy, Messaging, Prospecting, Sales, Consulting and Coaching experience and achieve immediate improvement in sales growth.

Don’t take my word for it…

“Hire Matt as your sales advisor if you’re looking to improve and accelerate new business sales growth. He quickly dissects for root cause issues that negatively impact sales performance and provides unique and counterintuitive insights, advice and recommendations that provides immediate improvements for leadership, team and individual salespeople.”” - Rick Makos, CEO, Callisto Integration

 “Highly recommended to anyone looking for immediate impact. Definitely the best sales coach I’ve worked with in a long time. I recommend anyone who is looking to improve their sales game to reach out to Matt. - Tim Edwards, VP Sales, StoreForce

“My team has experienced immediate results.” - Heather Ongley, Regional Sales Manager, Purolator

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Has your new business sales growth plateaued?

Many ambitious CEOs and Sales Leaders want to improve and accelerate their new business sales goals and are looking for fresh ideas to drive transformational sales growth.

They just don't know who to turn to and how to achieve this growth.

Traditional sales strategy consulting typically produces a static document that ends up on the shelf. And, because the field has little input or visibility into the process, this shows up as a struggle to execute your vision and growth objectives.

Mainstream sales approaches and training also fail to consider the unique dynamics of your service, solution, product or market. Any improvement is short lived at best (most learning dissipates after just 1 month).

What’s needed is a bridge between sales strategy and execution, between the executive team and the field – what to do and how to do it, as your business evolves.

Conversations, not one-off static workshops…

Your peers choose to work with me because they get clarity and immediate improvement of sales results.

Unlike many sales consultants and sales trainers, I’ve walked many a mile in your shoes and dramatically improved and accelerated sales results at and for, Fast growth and Fortune 500 companies alike.

In both Strategic AND Tactical roles (Executive, Go-to-Market Strategy, Sales Leader, Sales Person and SDR/BDR roles).

Other CEOs and Sales Leaders would tell you (and so would their sales people) that they get uncommon, often counterintuitive advice, mentoring and coaching from me.

So, they execute, sound and act competitively distinct from their competition.

Which delights potential new customers and builds more pipeline, more sales, bigger deals, much, much faster - improving results and accelerating sales growth.

Want and need:

  • a sounding board and advisor who can validate and/or challenge your thinking and sales strategy?
  • a mentor and coach for your sales leader(s), field and inside sales people?

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Download 3 Prospecting Issues That Aren't Keeping You Awake at Night, AND They Should... and discover what your salespeople are doing that is sabotaging your sales growth.


"I highly recommend Matt to anyone who is looking to accelerate their go to market efforts at must win accounts."

Jeff Green, VP Sales, CGI


Coaching & Mentoring

Makes all the difference between missing and making your number. CEOs and Sales leaders know that having ongoing access to a new business expert to mentor top performers and to coach others to top performance will transform your sales teams win rates, dramatically shorten sales cycles and significantly accelerate growth.

Messaging/Prospecting Copywriting

A well written message that consistently compels C level decision makers to speak with your sales people will increase the number of quality opportunities in your pipeline by as much as 94% and increase opportunity value by as much as 166%.

Training & Speaking

Unique, counterintuitive, highly interactive and engaging workshops focused on increasing the personal & professional Awareness, Mindset, Behaviours and Skills of salespeople that result in immediate improvement of new business sales results.


CEOs and Sales Leaders retain me to bounce ideas off, validate and challenge their thinking to accelerate their go-to-market strategy, decision making, ability to execute.